Demonstration report

Dear Lenox,
We just wanted to say how well we thought you spoke at the demonstration yesterday (I was one of the speakers at the demonstration in Vera on Thursday- Lenox). You managed to put all the important points across far better than we would have. We are members of SOHA and recipients of BoT and would have liked to meet you personally but unfortunately didn’t get the chance as is so often the case at these events. Understandably you had to dash off with Helen and Len and the TV crew and we missed the opportunity! We hope that went well – the more TV coverage this issue can get the better.
We had the pleasure of meeting Helen and Len Prior and our overwhelming impression was how nice this couple are and how they do not deserve to be in this terrible situation, through absolutely no fault of their own of course.
It’s a pity that more people did not make the effort to attend but nonetheless, we think it was enough of a showing to be taken seriously.
As always, our thanks go to yourself, Maura Hillen, Phil Smalley, Gerardo Vázquez and all those people who dedicate their lives to bringing this dreadful injustice to an end once and for all. We sometimes wonder when it will all end and how many more occasions like the one in Vera yesterday will be necessary to bring about proper compensation for Helen and Len and meaningful law changes for the rest of us.
We stayed overnight in Garrucha and spent some time looking around the area and it does look like one great big missed opportunity with large 4 star hotels and residential homes seriously under-occupied. There has clearly been a lot of investment in the area but it has not fulfilled its potential by a very long way. It’s hard to imagine how the Junta de Andalucía’s actions can possibly be justified and we are in no doubt that the fallout from the Prior’s demolition has had a direct economic impact on the area.
Please keep up the good work with publicity; we all need all the help we can get.
Kind regards,
Jane and Robert.