September 2015

As you would expect, August was a quiet month and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves with visiting families and friends and trips away.

Announcement from Mario, Mayor of Alcaucin

On 27th August, the AVANCE of the new Town Planning was approved during the Extraordinary Council meeting. Once published in the official bulletin of the province, it will be exposed during 30 days for public consulting.

Wednesday, 2nd September, the Town Hall will organize a public presentation of the document in the Art Centre of Calle Alta. The presentation will be in Spanish. There will be a session in English the week after, on Wednesday 9th September, starting at 17.00, at the same place.


During August there were two train trips at Zafarraya Gap.

The first was attended by Polly Brown, a news reporter for the Sur in English. She did a very interesting report about the history of the train in the edition of the newspaper week commencing 14th August here.

The second trip was exciting due to a slight derailment! Everyone had to disembark but the driver and engineer soon had everything under control. There was a big cheer from the passengers and the train soon returned without further incident to Bar Gloria where everyone enjoyed a coffee or brandy to warm up! Then there was the visit to the railway museum and lunch.

Due to the popularity of these trips we will be organising more later on in the year.

Forthcoming Events

Sunday 4th October – Car Boot at Pantana Restaurant, Lake Vinuela.

If you have any items you would like to donate for sale, you can do so in one of 3 ways:
Bring along to Meson Sara on Saturday September 19th, 26th or October 3rd between 12.30-1.30 p.m. where a member of the Committee will be sitting outside.
Bring items to the sale on the day of the event, between 9-9.30 a.m.
If neither of these are possible, please contact Mike Stevenson
Email – or telephone 637 591 451

Friday 16th October – Coach Trip to Lobo Park, Antequera & El Torcal

The SOHA fundraising team are very excited about this trip to see the beautiful wolves in the nature reserve, followed by a trip to visit El Torcal.
The cost is Euro 22.50 p.p. which includes the coach and entrance to the Lobo Park.
You can either take a picnic lunch, or prebook ‘menu del dia’ at Euro 9.50 p.p.
For further information please visit our website.
To book please contact Kath – (tel 646 275 190)
Early booking is recommended

Recent Posts

SOHA progress news 2016 – 2017

Troubled times for those who bought their homes in good faith.

One year has passed since the Andalusian Parliament approved welcome changes in the planning laws, regarding homes on non-urbanisable land which had been split into “parcels”, and had no escape from their illegal status.
It made it possible to become “Assimilado Fuero de Ordinacion”, a status which has no English equivalent, but might roughly translate as “Accepted Outside Planning Regulations”. This status allows the owners to be listed in the Register de Propriedad, and to connect the basic services of electricity and water, (which some have lacked so far, while others, owing to the apparent legality of all their documents, have long since been connected).
Nevertheless, the bureaucratic process has been very slow, and buyers in good faith are still waiting for their ayuntamientos to approve their applications for AFO status.

In Andalusia there are almost 30,000 houses in this irregular situation.

If you find yourself in this plight, join SOHA.

You need our help; we need yours.


“Una vida bajo la incertidumbre para los compradores de buena fe.

A punto de cumplirse un año desde que el pasado mes de julio se aprobara en el Parlamento Andaluz el Proyecto de Ley por el que se modifica la Ley 2/2002 de 17 de Diciembre que establece medidas urgentes en relación a estas viviendas afectadas por parcelaciones urbanísticas en suelo no urbanizable, a las que se le ofrecía como salida la posibilidad de ser declaradas como asimilado fuera de ordenación (AFO).
Se trata de una figura que permitirá a sus dueños poder registrar las casas en el Registro de la Propiedad y además acceder a los servicios básicos (agua y luz), algo a lo que hasta ahora no podía aspirar, mientras que otros, bajo la apariencia total de legalidad de sus documentos ya disfrutaban de todos estos servicios.
Sin embargo, el proceso administrativo es lento, y los compradores de buena fe seguirán luchando por legalización de las viviendas construidas bajo la autoridad de los permisos expedidos por el ayuntamiento local.
En Andalucía existen casi 30.000 viviendas en esta situación irregular.

Si estás en esta situación, únete a SOHA.

Necesitamos tu ayuda”.