May 2016

What is DAFO?

The SOHAPI “What is DAFO?” event at Mis Tapitas (affectionately known as Billy’s Bar), was a great success.
The venue was packed out, with the audience overflowing onto the terrace. It was reported on the front page of Euro Weekly News on April 23rd, and P10 of Sur in English on April 22nd. Also probably inspired by reports of the meeting, BoT 159 , quoting an Olive Press article on the meeting, mentions the Junta’s pressuring Ayuntamientos to declare “99%” of houses built on rural land illegal or needing to apply for DAFO, leading towards the immediate or final demolition of all such properties.

Martyn Wroe points out that I did not mention in the news and web articles the fact that when a householder makes an application for DAFO, they are agreeing to have their building licence annulled!

Here is his comment;
“John’s article, so far as I read it, does not report absolutely everything that was said.
Perhaps it could have started by saying that the presentation was intended to clarify the situation as there have been several conflicting stories re DAFO
The most notable omission is that DAFO (if it is obtained)  annuls any “previous legal documentation that has been obtained “ and which was obtained  “in good faith”, and perhaps emphasising that there is considerable political pressure being put on the Junta to be more flexible, particularly as the current proposals affect many Spanish “traditional” owners – and SOHA is also concerned about them”.

Thanks again, Martyn for all your informed and pertinent comments.

Read the full article in English here.

National Coordinating Body

A national coordinating body has been formed for all the associations of home owners such as SOHA and AUAN. It is called CAJU (Coordinator of Associations for Justice in Urbanism).

Read the full article in English here. Spanish here.

No Demolition Without Compensation

In the North of Spain, judges are reminding the authorities of their duty to ensure payment of compensation to innocent third parties when demolitions are ordered. However, the judge insisted that the demolition should go ahead, after compensation has been assured.

Read the full article in English here. Spanish here.

Hollow Victory for Priors

The Priors have finally been awarded compensation in a Spanish court, but it is only sufficient to cover their legal costs, which have been awarded on a shared basis. Since they never did anything wrong, and were forced to defend themselves in court, this seems totally unjust.
To add insult to injury, Vera Town hall are appealing the sentence. Enough is enough say AUAN.

Read the full article here.

Recent Posts

2017 AGM report

Save Our Homes in Axarquia held its Annual General Meeting on Saturday 26th January at La Vinuela.  More than 100 members attended, mostly ex-patriate residents of Axarquia.
The President, Phil Smalley said that this year’s principal achievement had been to bring about the amendment to Article 185.2 of the LOUA (Andalusia’s Planning Law).  This change now permits home owners on parcelled land to apply for the designation of AFO (Asimilado Fuera de Ordinación), to avoid  the threat of demolition of their home.
He informed the meeting that SOHA will write directly to Jose Fiscal, Planning Officer to seek an urgent meeting to decide how the Junta is going to solve the problem of licences legally granted by local authorities, but later annulled by tribunals.
The Mayor of Alcaucin, and SOHA’s Spokesman Mario Blancke welcomed the support and confidence of the members at the AGM.  He explained the details of the amendment to the LOUA, calling it “a triumph for everyone”.  He went on to say that there was still a lot to be done, but that SOHA now commands respect in the Andalusian Parliament and the National Congress.
The meeting was attended by Irene Rivera, Malaga’s Deputy in the National Congress.
Irene emphasised that SOHA’s efforts were “for justice”, not only for ex-patriates, but also for a large number of Spanish who are facing the same problems.
SOHA was founded in 2008.  SOHA is a non-profit making association of mostly foreign residents, whose aim is to uphold the rights of residents of Axarquia, according to Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights, and to help those who bought their homes in good faith to protect their homes through legal action, and keep their legal title to their homes.
Images from the evening here.

Salvemos Nuestras Casas Axarquía (SOHA) celebra su Asamblea General con asistencia de más de 100 socios
La Asamblea contó con la presencia de la Diputada por Málaga de Ciudadanos en el Congreso de los Diputados, Irene Rivera, que elogió la labor que está llevando a cabo la Asociación y destacó que esta lucha es “un tema de justicia”, no sólo de los extranjeros, sino de muchos españoles que están en su misma situación.
La Viñuela, 26 de enero de 2017. La Asociación SOHA (Save Our Homes Axarquía) celebró su Asamblea General con la presencia de más de 100 socios, la mayoría extranjeros residentes en la comarca de la Axarquía.
Su presidente, Philip Smalley, destacó el principal logro de 2016 que fue ver aprobada la enmienda al artículo 185.2 de la Ley de Ordenación Urbanística de Andalucía (LOUA) por el Parlamento de Andalucía. Esta enmienda permite a los propietarios de casas construidas sobre terrenos no urbanizables que habían sido parcelados para fines de construcción, pudieran solicitar el estado de Asimilado como Fuera de Ordenación (AFO) y así se elimina la amenaza de demolición.
Smalley avanzó que escribirán directamente al Consejero responsable de la planificación, José Fiscal, para que busque una reunión urgente para discutir cómo la Junta va a resolver el problema de las licencias legalmente otorgadas por las autoridades locales, pero posteriormente anuladas por los tribunales.
Por su parte Mario Blancke, portavoz de la Junta Directiva y alcalde Alcaucín, agradeció el apoyo de todos los socios y la confianza depositada, e indicó que “este triunfo es un triunfo de todos”. Blancke explicó a los presentes los pormenores de la enmienda aprobada, así como las demandas que todavía quedan pendientes, para lo que, añadió, están manteniendo diferentes reuniones tanto a nivel nacional, en el Congreso de los Diputados, como a nivel autonómico, con los representantes en el Parlamento Andaluz.
La Asamblea contó con la presencia de Irene Rivera, Diputada por Málaga de Ciudadanos en el Congreso, que elogió la labor que está llevando a cabo la Asociación y el tesón que están demostrando tanto su Junta Directiva como sus asociados, y destacó que esta lucha es “un tema de justicia”, no sólo de los extranjeros, sino de muchos españoles que están en su misma situación.

SOHA es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro formada por residentes, principalmente extranjeros, cuya misión es promover la protección de los derechos de los residentes en la Axarquía de acuerdo al artículo 8 de la Convención Europea de Derechos Humanos, ayudar a otros residentes a proteger sus casas por medio de acción legal u otras acciones, y realizar campañas activas para promover la amnistía a las casas de los propietarios de casas de la Axarquía.
SOHA se estableció en 2008 con el único propósito de salvar sus casas a través de medios pacíficos.