June 2016

Priors’ Judgement and Demonstration.

The big news this month was the latest development in the ongoing Priors’ saga. Long after the courts have given judgements in their favour, they have yet to receive a penny in compensation for the demolition of their home, and face the prospect of paying their own, massive, legal fees for defending themselves against a horrendous injustice.
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A demonstration in support of the Priors was organised by AUAN, and attended by SOHA, although the late notice to us for the event, and the clash with our Guardia event on the same day meant that our numbers were few. Those who did go made a significant contribution, and two wrote a report. Thank you, Jane and Robert.
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The associations SOHA and AUAN and the confederation CALU have expressed their concern with what they consider to be the delay in the progress of the parliamentary bill.

This bill contains alterations to planning law which SOHA believe to be essential in the fight to get justice for those who bought their homes in good faith, and find their legality to be in doubt.
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Cordoba Hoy reported the meeting in Sevilla of CALU and its associations.

BoT 164 noted this.
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SOHA has engaged the services of a media agent to promote nationwide coverage of our aims and progress.

Previously we have only obtained local media coverage, except in the deplorable case of the Priors. This month we had coverage in Sur ES, La Vanguardia, and El Rincon Habla.
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SOHA AGM report and more

SOHA celebrated the 10th anniversary of its formation at the 2018 AGM last week. The meeting was well attended by members and supporters as well as the Mayor of La Viñuela, José Juan Jiménez López.

Ten years seems a long time to be fighting such injustices, but we have achieved a lot during these years. Many changes in our committee over the years with each person giving their time and input as a volunteer. This of course is still the case and we would remind you all that we always welcome new committee members. Just contact us if you wish to join and help.

In this past decade we have achieved significant changes in national and Andalusian legislation that have almost made the regularization of many homes possible which without action could have received demolition orders. We are still working to protect all properties for our members and supporters and there is still a lot to do.

Philip Smalley expressed his satisfaction with the achievements reached at the AGM although he emphasized that they have been years of “hard work”. Among these, are the important modifications in the Civil Code and the Penal Code to guarantee the compensation prior to the demolition and the amendment to the Law of Urban Planning of Andalusia (LOUA) with respect to the land subdivisions in non-urbanizable land, “results of the that has meant that many non-members of the association, Spanish and foreign, have benefited to be able to sell their properties. ”

One of the major changes that have been achieved, is the reform of article 1964 of the Civil Code of October 2015 in which it was indicated that the license declared null by the courts, but without a definite deadline to demolish, prescribed the 15 years. The change means that now, those personal actions that do not have a special term prescribe after five years. Therefore, after October 2020, administrations will no longer be able to demand demolition for nullity judgments prior to 2015. “After that period, the owner will be able to benefit from the Out-of-Order Assimilate”.

SOHA will continue the work on the behalf of the members of the association and help where possible.

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Some images from the meeting can be found here.

Report from Axarquiaplus here.

Here is a report from Malaga Hoy in Spanish. Read more.