Message from SOHA

SOHAlogoCDear all,

SOHA members will soon receive the statement of accounts. This will show that of the 189 members we have, only 37 have actually contributed to the fighting fund.

I will be meeting with Alejandro Periales of Borbolla asociados on Tuesday to discuss how we can take legal action against the Junta which,hopefully will embarrass them and provide valuable publicity for our cause.

Further to Mario’s memo on the subject I have still received no notification from ViñuelaTown Hall as to when we will be meeting with PSOE heavyweights.

As stated above we have 189 full members – we estimate that there are 20,000 illegal homes in the Axarquia.I believe that the Junta pays us lip service because of this – if 19,811 home owners are not bothered why should they be?

As a committee we receive advice on how we can publicise our work,increase membership and better structure our efforts.

The problem is – who is going to do the work?

189 members means 378 people – so the now ten or so of us on the committee are working for the other 368 who are quite happy to pay their fees but can’t be bothered actively supporting our efforts.

The suggestions we have incorporate taking out and paying for the newspapers and mags.(including Spanish) and backing that up with visits to all the pueblos of the Axarquia.

Therefore we need to know who is prepared to give up some of their time to help us to grow and thus have a greater more powerful voice and presence.

We on the committee work tirelessly on your behalf,we now need some PRACTICAL support.

Those of you prepared to put your hands up please e-mail ME –

Regards to all

Philip Smalley