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We urge for your continued support and contributions. Committee members and other helpers are volunteers who spend many hours of their day working to try and help find a solution for this sad and unbelievable situation.

All we ask that you attend the meetings and demonstrations, pay your membership fees and encourage others to join and support SOHA. Here is how you can do this;

There are two classes of membership designed to ensure that cost should not inhibit your wish to protest through our Association. Nevertheless, we do have expenses and these have to be met from member’s contributions, so – please contribute if you can.


Members will receive by email a periodic newsletter and reasonable requests for advice or opinion will be dealt with sympathetically. However, we are not experts in Spanish law and this offer will not negate your need to seek legal advice to protect yourself from legal actions against you and/or your property. Members have the right to vote and attend our general meetings normally held four times a year.


€25.00 per year or €100 for 5 years. To make payments, please contact our membership secretary on or use PayPal donate button on the home page of this site.

Friends of SOHA

This membership is free and does not include individual help etc. Essentially, Friends of SOHA are supporters of our organisation who may or may not be affected by the actions of the Junta de Andalucia. However, they do agree that the Junta are acting unfairly and without any consideration for innocent homeowners and thereby agree to add their names and email addresses to our list of members. Please help us to recruit more Friends of SOHA by using the email template below. Electronic Mail We have to depend on email. If you do not habitually use the internet please think of a neighbour or more distant friend who would be happy to pass on communications to you and join using their email address with their permission.


To join SOHA please contact us on and let us have the following information, your full name, town in which you live and whether you wish to join as a Friend of SOHA (free) or as a Full Member (€25). You will then receive a welcoming email from the Membership Secretary which will include details of how to make a payment, where relevant. Alternatively you can make payments via PayPal by pressing the Donate button on the home page of this site.