Message from Philip Smalley

On 22 December myself,Mario and Fernando travelled to Madrid,at the invitation of Irene Rivera,to meet with the Ciudadanos representatives on the Commissions of Justice and Environment – Diego Clemente Gimenez and Miguel Garaulet Rodriguez respectively.

The purpose of our visit was to appraise them of our situation and seek their support in two important ways. It was interesting to note the disbelief of these Congressional Deputies when we explained how we had been treated.

The first measure of support we sought was with regard to the declaration of Asimilado F.O. As you know the Ley Hipotecaria (Mortgage Law) states that no mortgage can be raised on a AFO property. Our intention is that this should be changed so that it is the banks who decide whether to issue mortgages or not.

The second measure is with regard to the time limit on revision of licenses. At the moment the law that regulates time limit on revision (Annulment) of licences is open to interpretation of the Consejo Consultivo of each Autonomous Region – that of Andalucia is 20 years. We are pushing for that figure to change to 8-10 years max.This would mean that any licence more than 10 years old that has no procedures against it could be declared Legal Fuera de Ordenacion.

Mario prepared two detailed informs for the two delegates who declared that they would be taking the issues up within their respective commissions.
We have also been in touch with our delegates in Seville and we will be meeting with them in January.

All of this still does not answer for those of us (like myself) who have had their licences annulled.Those licences annulled by the relevant Town Hall could have an answer within this latter measure, but those annulled by the Courts is another matter, but you can be assured we will continue to press for a solution.

With best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year