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We have produced an email which we would like you to forward to everyone who may be sympathetic to our situation. Remember, the greater our numbers the louder our voice will be. If there are people in your contact list who you think may be happy to sign-up as a Friend of SOHA, please send the email to them. Thank you.

You have received this email because somebody in your contact/address book thought you may be interested in our plight and has therefore forwarded it to you.

Did you know that the Juntas (regional governments of Spain) are challenging the legality of thousands of licences issued by numerous Town Halls over the last decade or so?

For more information please have a look at some of the articles about Helen and Len Prior on our website and also in national and international press.

These licences were applied for and issued legally with all fees and taxes paid but are now on the danger list.

The Junta claims that the Town Halls should not have issued the licences and therefore they are taking the local Town Halls to court and retrospectively cancelling the licences before going on to apply for demolition orders.

We are a group of private home owners here in the Axarquia region of Spain, who are affected by this process.

We live in the houses that are involved and we face the prospect of having our licences revoked and ultimately having our homes demolished even though we have acted entirely properly and legally throughout.

We have formed an official action group (SOHA) to help and support each other and to try and stop this action of the Junta.

There are a number of similar groups being formed across Spain as the Junta in other areas are also acting without any care or consideration of the innocent owners, who also face the prospect of their homes being demolished.

Our aim is to provide help and support to anyone who may be facing the threat of demolition, whilst continuing to campaign for an end to this unreasonable and devastating practice.

Obviously the more members we have, the louder our voice will be and the more difficult it will be for our concerns to be ignored.

For this reason we are trying to bolster support for our organisation by having a class of membership called “Friend of SOHA”.

Membership is free and open to anyone, from any country, who feels that we are being unfairly treated and would like to add their name to our list of supporters. If you would like to become a Friend of SOHA please send an email to stating your name, your location and whether or not you wish to be included on our mailing list for news and future developments.

We very much hope that you will help us in our efforts to bring an end to this unreasonable and potentially devastating practice.

If you would like any more information before deciding, please refer to our website at

Finally and if it’s not too much trouble, we would be extremely grateful if you would forward this email to those people in your contact list who you think may also be happy to sign-up as a Friend of SOHA.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Membership Secretary

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SOHA progress news 2016 – 2017

Troubled times for those who bought their homes in good faith.

One year has passed since the Andalusian Parliament approved welcome changes in the planning laws, regarding homes on non-urbanisable land which had been split into “parcels”, and had no escape from their illegal status.
It made it possible to become “Assimilado Fuero de Ordinacion”, a status which has no English equivalent, but might roughly translate as “Accepted Outside Planning Regulations”. This status allows the owners to be listed in the Register de Propriedad, and to connect the basic services of electricity and water, (which some have lacked so far, while others, owing to the apparent legality of all their documents, have long since been connected).
Nevertheless, the bureaucratic process has been very slow, and buyers in good faith are still waiting for their ayuntamientos to approve their applications for AFO status.

In Andalusia there are almost 30,000 houses in this irregular situation.

If you find yourself in this plight, join SOHA.

You need our help; we need yours.


“Una vida bajo la incertidumbre para los compradores de buena fe.

A punto de cumplirse un año desde que el pasado mes de julio se aprobara en el Parlamento Andaluz el Proyecto de Ley por el que se modifica la Ley 2/2002 de 17 de Diciembre que establece medidas urgentes en relación a estas viviendas afectadas por parcelaciones urbanísticas en suelo no urbanizable, a las que se le ofrecía como salida la posibilidad de ser declaradas como asimilado fuera de ordenación (AFO).
Se trata de una figura que permitirá a sus dueños poder registrar las casas en el Registro de la Propiedad y además acceder a los servicios básicos (agua y luz), algo a lo que hasta ahora no podía aspirar, mientras que otros, bajo la apariencia total de legalidad de sus documentos ya disfrutaban de todos estos servicios.
Sin embargo, el proceso administrativo es lento, y los compradores de buena fe seguirán luchando por legalización de las viviendas construidas bajo la autoridad de los permisos expedidos por el ayuntamiento local.
En Andalucía existen casi 30.000 viviendas en esta situación irregular.

Si estás en esta situación, únete a SOHA.

Necesitamos tu ayuda”.