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The first draft reaction

From an article in Almeria Hoy
Original article here.

It is the first assessment of the lawyer of Urban Abuses in the Almanzora No before the Draft of the new Law for a Sustainable Urbanism in Andalusia (LUSA).

Gerardo Vázquez says that the draft of the Law for Sustainable Urbanism in Andalusia (LUSA), which will replace the Law for Urban Development in Andalusia (LOUA) “cuts the deadlines, which will benefit the promoters, but does not protect the citizens. It also does not resolve issues like false documentation is provided by the administrations, as happened in the case that ended up demolishing the housing of the Priors in Vera, and does not oblige the registry to register the demolition orders which may have been issued on the homes, for which can harm the rights of buyers in good faith ».

In addition, the lawyer of Urban Abuses in the Almanzora No (AUAN) says that “will leave out of the possibility of regularization to the houses built in settlements that, in the Almanzora, are more than half of the 13,000 that are still in limbo of the law and its owners can not write them or have access to essential services such as electricity or water ».

In any case, for Vázquez everything is not lost. “Although Junta has not considered our proposals in this first draft, it has assured us that they will meet with us to listen to us and improve the law, if possible, with our contributions. For our part, we already have a calendar of meetings with leaders of all the parties represented in the Andalusian Parliament. ”

In addition to this article, SOHA members must be aware the efforts of SOHA in the same way to try and reach an agreement that may change the law in the future and protect the homes of our members